Truncate is an alias of LA based techno producer Audio Injection, otherwise known as David. The Truncate project focuses on the deeper, and more raw side of techno. His Truncate releases have been gaining support from big players such as, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, DVS1, Luke Slater, Ben Sims, Modeselektor and many more.

With his heavy remix, production and touring schedule there is no slowing down in the near future for David as he continues to shape his own sound, putting Droid Behavior and Los Angeles on the techno map.

Some of the Sub:terranea guys are heading to Festival Forte in Portugal in summer and contacted David for a little more insight into Truncate before his performance there.


Greetings David from Yorkshire to LA. Two very different worlds both connected for the next 10 minutes by the power of techno. What’s in your diary today?

– I’m currently at home in Los Angeles having a bit of a rest, trying to get rid of a cold from the weekend.

You have a very busy touring schedule that takes you all across the globe including the UK in London, Glasgow and most recently Birmingham however you rarely seem to play in the North of England (apart from Manchester last year). Have you ever played in Leeds and what do you know about the dance music culture up North?

– I have not been to Leeds but I’ve heard of some good parties happening around there.  I’m not very well educated on the scene in the North. I’d love to bring my music to Leeds though, maybe one day!

Talking of Yorkshire we like to think we brew some of the best ales in the world. We know you’re a real ale enthusiast; have you ever tried any Yorkshire brewery beers such as Saltaire, Roosters, Black Sheep or York Brewery?

– I can’t say I’ve tried any of those brews but there are so many breweries these days its hard to keep track.  Thankfully I have an iPhone app called Untappd where I can keep track and rate beers I drink. Yeah I can get pretty nerdy with beer sometimes!

From Britain the perception of the current state of dance music in the USA is unfortunately one of fairly uninspiring big scale EDM festivals. From an inward perspective how healthy is the scene in the states in terms of proper underground techno?

– There has always been a pretty healthy underground scene around the USA. Here in Los Angeles there are parties almost every night of the week and at least a techno party every weekend. I’ve found myself playing in smaller towns like El Paso, Texas and even in Kansas City.  So there are definitely crews all over the country doing shows, big and small.  Of course, you will hear all about these massive EDM festivals because they draw so many people, but I don’t care much about those parties.

We’re really excited to see you in action at Festival Forte in Portugal this summer. What have you heard about the festival & what are you most looking forward to about playing there? Will playing alongside your fellow countryman Silent Servant affect your mood or your selection in anyway?

– I’m really looking forward to this festival. I’ve only seen pictures and videos online, but the line ups look amazing and of course the festival location looks incredible. I don’t think Juan (Silent Servant) will affect my mood at all. I will still do my thing, and it will be cool to have a friend also playing at the festival!

Since you started releasing music as Truncate back in 2011 you’ve released over 25 EP’s. That’s a pretty impressive output for someone who tours so regularly. How often do you get into the studio and how do you manage to keep the quality of your releases so consistently high?

– Well compared to these days, I wasn’t touring as much so I had much more time at home and in the studio.  The output was higher. But I constantly have ideas in my head that I want to get out, its non stop. The only problem these days is my tour schedule is busier than ever. So studio time has slowed down a bit. Some people will still think I put out a lot of music considering how often I’m out of town, but if you ask me I’ve slowed way down. As far as keeping the quality, I think most of the time I’m just really picky with my music. I have to really love the track before putting it out and I road test a lot. Some music I make never comes out because I don’t feel its release worthy.

Running ‘Truncate’ as a vinyl only label is something we respect massively being vinyl purists ourselves. Many label owners describe it as being a labour of love since it’s notoriously difficult to make ends meet. What’s your take on this? Since the label has been running for 5 years it seems that you may have found the secret formula.

– Actually Truncate is also available digitally, but every release is pressed on vinyl because I myself am a vinyl collector. Its one of those things about having your music on a physical format. I grew up buying records.  So to have my own music on on vinyl is something special. But I also don’t really believe in limiting all my music to vinyl only as their are people out there that buy music that have never spun a record before and I don’t feel its fair to leave them out. Sometimes it may even draw the people to go and buy the record and start collecting! I don’t really think I have a secret formula.  Maybe just build a reputation for good and consistent music and people will trust your output.

You have of course also achieved popularity under your Audio Injection moniker. Do you have any plans to release anything in the future under a different name? Of course using different aliases allows more artistic freedom. If you were to go down this path, in what direction would you like to go with your music?

– As of now I will keep the 2 aliases and keep releasing music under those names. I haven’t really thought about making another name on top of that. I’d like people to see my musical range with these 2 names, but more importantly under Truncate, since its my main focus. You might hear some more melodic Detroit bits in the near future as well as some more house vibe tracks. 

Let’s finish up with some quick fire favourite questions shall we. Which nightclub/festival in the world is your favourite to DJ at? And your favourite to party at?

– Berghain to both questions… because its Berghain 😛

Which one tune never leaves your bag?

– Adonis – No Way Back

Loads of excellent techno LP’s have come out since the start of 2015 (for example albums from UVB, Tadeo and Phase have been getting some serious playing time round my gaff). What’s your pick of the recent bunch?

– The last Phase album has been getting a lot of play from me as well as the last LP by Benjamin Damage. Just killer tracks in there!

I think it’s fair to say that most Truncate tracks would be best described as tools but are you tempted to release a Truncate LP any time in the future?

– Lately I’ve been very tempted to work on an album and I feel like its time to do one.  But as to when it will be done, time will tell!

Finally; which artist (friend or otherwise) should we keep an eye on in 2016?

– Keep an eye on my good friend Drumcell, he’s been making some amazing music lately, you will see in 2016!

Thanks for talking to us David! Hopefully see you in Leeds soon for a couple of ales and a chinwag 😉

– Thanks for having me! It was a pleasure!


-Interview by Phil Warner


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