Woy Ralker provides the sounds for Sub:terranea 11

A truly talented DJ and vinyl enthusiast Woy Ralker has been impressing us with his technical ability on the one’s and two’s for as long as we can remember and you probably won’t find a DJ more dedicated to techno. Woy’s most recent success has come in the form of his excellent ‘See what you say’ mix series which saw him receive praise from all corners of the techno community including none other than the baron of techno himself Mr Dave Clarke. An artist close to our hearts and one of the first DJ’s that sprang to mind when the Sub:terranea project was conceived we are proud to announce his involvement with the series.

For Sub:terranea Woy serves up 65 minutes of delicately mixed atmospheric techno. Woy mixes dark atmospheres, dreamy progressions, grooving baselines, evil percussion and twisted acid lines together whilst still keeping an air of elevated well being throughout and he does it in style. Click play, turn it up, get strapped in and enjoy the ride.

More about Woy;

From a young age Woy, like most people, fell deeply in love with music. As time passed he found himself gravitating toward electronic music in particular and developed a proclivity for dark beautiful melodies and layered insistent percussion. He soon became obsessed with Techno and House music. He began to explore in detail the whole gamut of electronic music he had available to him at the time (mostly gleaned from his older brother’s extensive collection of records, CDs and Cassettes). From early Acid House and Techno, Ambient, Industrial and Old School to Trance, Deep House, Electro and Hypnotic Techno, to name just a few. He found it stirred something within, that had until that time, been lying dormant. Though unable to exactly define or put into words these new found emotions, he knew he had it bad and his addictive personality made sure he was never without this aural Prozac again.
Woy has been collecting and spinning wax for well over a decade and though his set up has evolved somewhat since his trusty belt drives and 2 channel “mixer”, his passionate relationship with music has only intensified. His sets are all exclusively vinyl and are blended using 2×1210’s and a DJM 700. Expect classics from back in the day getting intimate with contemporary cuts. Travelling through areas of Techno, Acid, House, and Experimental and stopping off at a few sub-genres in between.