Unlucky for some but not for Jozef K + Winter Son who step up to the plate to mix Sub:terranea 13.

Off the back of their debut release on Sasha’s ‘Last night on Earth’ label Jozef + Winter have produced, for Sub:terranea, a special podcast that features forthcoming releases as well as some of their favourites records new and old. The mix begins emotive and melancholy before slowly crescendoing into vintage acid house cuts and ending on a slab of heartfelt electronica, a true depiction of where these 2 artists are at right now.

Not only does Sub:terranea 13 mark our first collaborative effort but it also commemorates 6 months of quality Sub:terranea podcasts so to celebrate we thought we’d add an interview feature with the guys of the moment Jozef K + Winter Son.

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