Something a little deeper for Sub:terranea podcast 18 as we take a trip over to Gran Canaria with Patrick Luca

SAFT and PULP head honcho Patrick Luca first caught our eye with his raw and emotive take on deep house around a year ago via his deep basement mix series so when sub:terranea was born he was one of the first DJ’s we wanted to involve. Luckily Patrick was kind enough to dig through his record collection and pick out some choice cuts for us.

For Sub:terranea Patrick starts us off with some superb summery vocal house before settling into a groove driven house theme that continues throughout. Expect analogue basslines, blissed out piano melodies, chigaco inspired vocals and some lovely deep acid vibes thrown in for good measure.

So crack open a beer, get the sun lounger out, turn it up and enjoy

More about Patrick;

Patrick has been a record collector since he was fourteen (1994), a DJ since he was seventeen (1997) and has been surrounded by music since his childhood (Soul & Jazz). In the late 80’s – early 90’s he started listening to his brother’s tapes (Technotronic, Snap!, C+C Music Factory, Reel 2 Real, Inner City) and mix them with the stuff he used to listen at the time (Michael Jackson, Crystal Waters, Heavy D. & The Boyz, Donna Summer). In 1994 thanks to a friend older than him he had the chance to listen to House Music tapes from local clubs in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). From this point began his passion/addiction. Patrick started to collect tapes and went to the TWO vinyl record stores that were in the city in search of the tracks that he liked the most (also took advantage of every family trip to Germany or UK to explore the local record stores) . Once he had a clear idea of what sounds he liked he began to investigate producers, labels, years to increase his collection… nothing has changed in that regard almost 20 years later.

Music production and running a label always caught his attention, but studies first and work later never let him spend time on any of those things with total involvement.
In 2012 he decided to launch Saft to share his vision of House Music and the good experience so far has encouraged him to launch Pulp this month (focused on deeper stuff). Summarising: Pulp is what Patrick would play in the warm-up and Saft is what he would play towards the end of the set.

SAFT05 will be out in September. PULP02 & SAFT06 will be out this winter.

In terms of music production Patrick has been buying analog equipment in the past two years to build his studio. He hope’s that he’ll be able to express something through the buttons and keys this winter.