Another house music journey across to Ireland for Sub:terranea 22

Relative newcomer Dominic Smith has been making some serious waves in house music circles since he burst onto the scene a few years ago . With him already having releases under his belt on labels like Gooseneck Records, Remembranza and Vision Collective Recordings Dominic clearly isn’t hanging about and when the chance arose to include him in our podcast series there was no hesitation.

Regularly gigging in and around Dublin; Dominic has a wonderful deep and jacking house sound touching on elements of acid and soul with an excitable mixing style so get stuck in and enjoy!

More about Dominic
It was in 2010 that Dominic Smith was introduced to the multiple styles of house music and grasped onto the multiple sub genres that would soon build the career he has maintained today. Smith was always a lover of dance music, but it was the certain aspects of house that caught his attention and drilled into his mind and created the productive and mix style we hear in his music to date. Smith’s infatuation started off simple, but it was in the same year he fell heavy for house that he began to learn the art of mixing and in no time it blew into many nights of staying up and practicing his skills whenever the chance arose. Then in 2011 was one of the more important years in Smith’s career as he eventually gained connections to the many major club nights that control the Dublin house scene in Ireland and in a flash he was behind the desks of many major house club nights in Dublin, but this was only the beginning for the producer we see today. Later that year, Smith managed to grasp the Ableton Live production software and immediately began researching house in dept and with time and effort he was bringing out smooth basslines and kicks that would show the true talent and love he had to offer house music and the house music scene. In 2012 Smith had his first official release, with much more to come later on that year, from remix’s to originals labels liked what they heard and his tracks eventually made their way to beatport, each under numerous labels and heard by different audience’s online.
Many release’s to come