It’s not often we stray over to the disco-y side of the spectrum here at Sub:terranea but this mix is so good we just had to share it! Leeds-based Tristan is a proper crate digger and has a knowledge of records that spans generations and genres. His love for timeless funk-driven grooves shines through in this perfectly mixed podcast, chugging basslines and live instruments combining with some quality vocal cuts. Turn it up and enjoy 🙂

More about Tristan:

Been playing out since 1992. Never really stuck to any one genre or style, preferring to tailor my sets to the situation at hand. Was always described as an “eclectic” DJ in the 90’s, but no one really says that anymore. I think Balearic is the “new” eclectic? Currently resident at Disco Till I DIe and “Untitled” @ 212 Bar in Leeds alongside me old mucker Alan Mackenzie, playing everything we love and nothing we don’t.

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