Hailing from Manchester and serving up the 33rd edition of our podcast series is the elusive Hexagon Towers.

We don’t know a great deal about HT but we know he has a keen ear for quality electro and superb dub techno. His offering for sub:terranea is of the latter variety. Just over an hour of some of the finest dub techno we’ve heard in some time.

Finish & start your year in style with a slice of this bad boy.

More about Hexagon Towers;
Hexagon Towers here, this is my December Mix, ‘River Irk Dub’ named after a really polluted river near the local chemical plant. Inspired by the lovely surroundings I’ve done a mix featuring some of my fave producers, some newish tracks and some older ones. Growing up in Manchester have been obsessed with all kinds of electronic music from a really early age, from nicking mixtapes off my older sister and tuning into the pirate radio stations by accident! Hope you enjoy H.T.