Straight out of Brussels sub:terranea present Fuse Club regulars Umlaut.

Over the past 12 months David Gorez and Johan De Vylder, performing as Umlaut, have played alongside artists such as Steve Bug, Ryan Crosson, Nina Kraviz & Agoria at the legendary Fuse Club in Brussels. Certainly no amateurs behind the decks both David and Johan have been DJ’ing for over 14 years appearing at Belgium institutions such as Kozzmozz and Tomorrowland respectively.

For Sub:terranea Umlaut provide 60 minutes of pure unadulterated groove. Built for the dancefloor expect hypnotic rhythms, trippy vocals and deep grooving basslines from start to finish constantly flirting in-between house and techno.

More about Umlaut;


The umlaut characters are created on a computer by using ASCII key sequences.
Holding the “Alt” key down whilst typing in the code for the required character.
Unless you still believe in fairy tales, we could tell you to hold “Alt” and David and Johan would appear to tell them their biography themselves…but we won’t do that.
April 2011. After living for almost a year in a country without a government, rules or any ethics, Umlaut sprouted as the brainchild of electronic music madmen David Gorez and Johan De Vylder. While both of them already played alone for many years, they felt it was time for someting new, something fresh! Umlaut was born.
As they were still spinning vinyl while spending half of their paycheck at the online record store, they definitely had a passion in common. Feeling the vinyl in your hands, picking them out of your record bag, putting them on the turntable… it’s simply something different then scrolling through the titles on your laptop…
Seeing, feeling and experiencing the evolution of electronic music in Belgium from the mid 90’s till now, is like being part of today’s scene since the beginning. As both players where part of this movement from the start, raving all over Belgium for more then a decade, they simply couldn’t get enough of this. And still can’t!
David and Johan both started playing records around 1998 and stood behind the decks at many clubs and venues in Belgium and beyond the borders. David as dj Nocif, Johan as Juannes. They first met in 2006, as Johan organised his Plus/Minus events where he invited David to play. Since then they never lost contact and shared their mutual interest, music and parties, with Brussels as a central meeting point. Juannes became resident of the infamous P3P parties in Brussels and played as a regular guest at Fuse club Brussels, Kozzmozz, Ultra in Gent and Tomorrowland. Nocif played as a resident for Bombomatic, Technoir and Artfact, while playing twice at Laundry Day and having a spot at the 10 years Kozzmozz party. Next to that he went abroad in Germany and twice in Switzerland. David is also promotor of the all known Fuse club in Brussels, where he’s hosting world’s best parties!
Inspired by all different styles of electronic music, you can expect a musical voyage from soft house music to harder techno music, going back and then forward again.
Always keeping in mind they don’t want to bring music for the masses, but cast pearls before the dance floor swines. Their only aim is to make you smile and keep you dancing all night, or at least during their set.